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For the first time ever we get WSL event in tagahzout at the legendary spot of anchor point,

At first we had high hopes for Ramzi boukhiam to win the event because he is a local surfer and a great backhander, or kanoa igarashia or frederico mories, but surfing is also luck if you are not lucky with waves you will not get the score needed,

so Nate young was doing really good with the backhand turns, and that's exactly what you need to get a win here and lucky him he is the first to win in this event wining 15k$

the hype leading to the event was really good we got to meet many surfers and one of them is Kanoa Igarashi a surfer from California representing Japan in the World Surf League, won against the GOAT " kelly slater" 2 times in a row, at first I met him in anchor point surfing and talking 2 years before this event that took place feb,2020, Then few day's before the event he passed by Our aftas restaurant and we had a drink and talked for some time overall a great person and very humble, he was very honored to meet my father who is the first surer in taghazout and Abdullah the big wave charger at anchors and his son Yoba, kanoa even took a pictures of Yoba and posted it in IG story with the caption " future of Morocco "

Every one was exited to see Nat young win he is a very good person taking pictures with everyone. hopefully WSL makes a CT event in anchor point in the near future.


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