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5 Things Not to do When Traveling in Morocco

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

1th thing's first here is some few words you need to know before even landing here lol,

hello = salam

good = mzian

bye = beslama

thanks = chokran

2th don't disrespect the religion, With more than 90% of the population following, Islam is Morocco’s state religion. Many citizens follow the Sunni branch of Islam, though there is also a significant number of people who follow various Sufi ideals. Disrespecting Islam in Morocco can offend locals. Although Morocco is one of the more liberal and easygoing of the world’s Islamic nations, no guest should seek to upset their host. Asking questions to learn more about the religion is fine, but limit discussions about Islam to factual matters rather than offering opinions that may be controversial. Respect rules that forbid non-Muslims from entering certain areas—such as mosques and shrines—and dress reasonably modest in keeping with local customs.

3th Respect The king, Morocco’s lèse–majesté makes mocking, criticising, or otherwise speaking badly about the Moroccan king illegal. A few misguided mutterings may offend, but going too far could actually lead to a jail sentence of up to three years. Defacing anything with the king’s image is also a no-no.

4th No Drones allowed, People can only fly drones if they have applied for special permission from the necessary authorities (the Moroccan Civil Aviation Authority). No permission means that a person could end up with a hefty fine and even have their passport taken away.

5th In keeping with religious and cultural norms, general standards of dress in Morocco are fairly conservative. Beachwear is certainly not appropriate attire for exploring Morocco’s cities, towns, and villages in no matter how hot the temperatures may be. Keep bikinis and bathing suits for the beach only, and be sure to cover up when leaving for a hotel, restaurant, or anywhere else.

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