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5 Taghazout Village Activities Besides surfing

Tired of surfing all the time in Taghazout and you want something for a change ? well here is 5 other things to do besides surfing in taghazout village.

First of them is this beautiful skate park overlooking the bay all the way to Agadir port, it's a magical place to a sunrise, go there anytime.. the best part of it is that you can just show up there and you will definitely find someone who can spare their board for few minutes ;)

also getting to the skate park is little hard climbing that hill but a fit person will find it very easy and relaxing.

2th is Yoga is a perfect way to recover from surfing, free your mind and boost your spiritual well being. we actually offer yoga session so you are welcome to join our class even if you are not staying with us.

3th is Camel riding or horse riding on the beach depending on what you find at the time on the beach, any time a day just go to panorama beach in taghazout and look for camels or horses, just approach them and the local owner of the animal will try to sell you a ride, 100 dh for a decent ride is totally worth it specially at sunset times,

4th is walking to anchor point and watching the surf, I'm sorry if this is not really an activity but in my opinion it's defiantly worth the walk and the time specially when the waves are big, you get too see world class surfer charge massive waves and its' really entertaining mostly the kooks that get hammered that don't have enough experience and try to surf big anchor day's

5th is hiking, you can go to ait bihi and see the old town, and that's where you will find our hill house that welcomes guest of yoga retreats and in the way you might meet some local goat's you will love the hike, and in the way you might visit the skate park..

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